Trade Reflections on SIBOS 2022

The first in person SIBOS since London 2019 was very exciting. The Trade space seems to be in a very vibrant phase with many experienced colleagues and new entrants embracing and pursuing the digitalisation path.

The CTT engagement with Contour is already very productive and together with existing and prospective bank clients we developed some great ideas how to deepen the value proposition of Contour. In addition, CTT’s “Embedded Trade Finance approach” to broaden the value proposition of the documentary trade industry was well received and showed some real enthusiasm. We ended up with lots of takeaways and insights to further explore and brainstorm. The industry experts working with CTT will most definitely have lots to digest and talk about over the next months.

Spending time in Amsterdam was very emotional for me with many interactions and trips down memory lane that brought up fond memories of the ABN AMRO time and the fantastic trade team I worked with 20 years ago. The spirit we developed is living on. I see it in many faces of former colleagues that have pursued their careers and are now in senior industry roles all over the world.