Trade Consulting as a Service (TCaaS)

We help you uncover the mystery of the very fragmented and interconnected Trade Industry!

The ambition is to create a globally distributed Trade Digitalization Practice that functions as a Consultancy Hub with a global network of Trade Experts that subscribe to the vision of digitizing  the Trade business and who have deep trade and digitalization knowledge and experience.

The experts will help you to answer questions like:

  • How does the industry operate currently?
  • What are the latest trends and observations?
  • Point of view on what works? What doesn’t work?
  • Which partnerships could make sense for your organisation and which ones don’t?
  • Does your strategy survive the reality of the industry and its currents?
  • Are there areas you should be exploring further?
  • What are the lessons learned from failed digital trade initiatives and consortiums and their corporate/bank partnerships?
  • And many more questions to help you to lead your business into a future and have successful digitization and digitalisation efforts

We are offering our services to FinTechs, networks, technology companies, third party service providers, banks, non-bank funders, associations and government entities that are involved in the Trade Industry. As a first home for engaging with the industry we are leveraging my own consultancy company CTT – Cotti Trade & Treasury who will then sub-contract projects and assignments to other consultancy firms of industry experts. CTT is in the process of  forging partnership agreements with selected global trade experts and will publish shortly the first movers on its website.

We are getting organised ourselves and will be informing further as we are moving along.

If you would like to find out more, please contact: Daniel Cotti at

London, September 5th, 2022