Cotti’s blog on his new role as Chairman of the Bolero board


I am thrilled to become the Chairman of the Bolero Board and lead the company through the next phase of growth, expansion and transformation. It has been 20 years since the European Union funded research initiative was tasked with establishing a global cross-industry solution to enable the dematerialisation of cross border trade processes and which gave birth to the Bolero Association.

We live in challenging times:

  • uncertain economic outlook
  • Corporate of all sizes, industries and geographies facing increased competitive and market pressures
  • the financial services industry is under enormous regulatory and competitive pressure especially from new Fintech entrants
  • the distributed ledger technology opening new ways of interaction between business partners

Bolero as a cloud based connectivity platform for the processing and settlement of commercial transactions. Our clients, representing all major industries around the globe, are experiencing a continuation of the perfect storm and are challenged to review their business models, processes and engagements, to maximize their efficiencies and their value creation.

The electronic value added services provided by Bolero to the Buyer/Seller ecosystems based on the commercial trigger events across the domains of physical goods, document creation, risk mitigation, finance and payment chains, help our clients to achieve these goals.

Bolero’s ambition is to enable the seamless settlement of international commercial transactions; providing a single point of access for the multiple participants in trade including the sellers and buyers, the financial community, the shipping agents, the carriers and the various authorities.  We deliver value for all of the parties in the supply chain – reducing time and errors, improving cash flow and working capital whilst ensuring efficiency, quality and security.

We are actively searching for strategic partnerships with finance, payment and adjacent solution providers and networks to further enhance and expand our client experience. Bolero has the potential to electronically connect all involved parties in international commerce to deliver a seamless and trade settlement agnostic process.

It is a privilege to be at the helm of a company that can play a significant role in the financial services industry transformation and drive the automation of all aspects of Trade Finance by leveraging its assets, its client base, its solution sets and the emerging distributed ledger technology.

Daniel Cotti

Chairman of the Board of Bolero

January 19, 2016