Career Change: Goodbye Marco Polo Network – Welcome Trade Consulting and Digital Trade as a Service

Dear all,

I have exciting news to share!

I have decided that the time is right for me to embark on a different challenge in my career which means my time involved in the day to day at Marco Polo Network is coming to an end.

I truly enjoyed my journey with the Marco Polo Network spanning over the past 5+ years, where I  worked with countless distinguished industry practitioners around the globe to design and build DLT based trade solutions and mobilise the trade industry to enter the digital age. The transformation from a career in banking to working in a FinTech has broadened my views enormously, from exposure to DLT, Cloud and API technologies, to new business models and partnerships including solving the many legal challenges digital trade is facing. Working with people from various industry sectors and companies and tackling these challenges was the most rewarding  part of my various roles and activities at the Marco Polo Network. I would like to thank Rob Barnes, Richard Tynan and the Marco Polo team for the opportunity to work on such an exciting venture. As a shareholder and a close friend I will stay involved and connected with the team and have a keen interest in the success of the Marco Polo Network.

I depart MPN with a clear vision for the future of the trade industry that is shared by many industry participants around the globe. An industry wide joint co-operation will be required across multiple domains to transform this shared vision into a sustainable business model taking onboard the industry lessons learned over the past years. I will be working with a team of global trade experts to offer Trade Consulting as a Service (TCaaS) with a Trade Digitalisation Practice. We will also explore the concept of Digital Trade as a Service (DTaaS) to radically transform the Documentary Trade Business. Our ambition is to find scalable win-win scenarios for fully automated and integrated documentary trade solutions leveraging Digital Payment Undertakings for the benefit of Corporates by addressing their key pain-points.


Stay tuned for updates.